The "Space exploration in education" Summer School is designed for teachers and teaching professionals in STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). It will introduce to participants the interdisciplinary profile of space exploration and showcase how to integrate space related activities in their science class following an interdisciplinary and inquiry-based methodology.

The overall goals of the course are:

  1. Help teachers increase students awareness on the accomplishments of European space science, technology and innovation and on how European society benefits from the space sector.
  2. Foster the develop of students inquiry and 21st century skills and help them become active problem-solvers.
  3. Present activities that support students' collaboration, develop their collaboration skills and sense of responsibility.
  4. Promote the idea of collaboration between teachers of the same school unit towards the 'science as a whole' teaching approach.
  5. Inspire and motivate students' pursuit of space related careers
  6. Propose changes to help teachers move towards a student-centered teaching approach without stepping too much outside their comfort zone.
  7. Help teachers manage diverse classrooms and promote gender balance.

Learn how to integrate modern space science in your teaching and curriculum!

Space science and technology and its contemporary accomplishments are powerful mediums for demonstrating the excitement of a scientific or technical career, particularly  when coupled with suitable role models. The "Space exploration in education" summer school will focus on giving teachers ideas and guidelines on identifying opportunities and entry points of space related themes in their science curriculum. During the course special focus will be given on demonstrating the interdisciplinary profile of space science and on presenting how space related activities can be deployed in the framework of all science disciplines. Particpoants will engage in hands-on workshops that blend together the idea of interdisciplinary learning and the 'science as a whole' approach with inquiry learning and deploy them through space related school activities. 

Participating teachers will also be invited to be part of an active and growing dedicated community of practice to exchange and share ideas, experiences, concerns and educational resources with colleagues from all over Europe and beyond.