The "Space exploration in education" Summer School 2020 is designed so as to promote collaboration among teachers of the same school class and engage them in inspiring interactive sessions. 

One of the main objectives of this course is to promote the 'science as a whole' approach and help students understand that all they learn in science classes in school have the same goal; to help them gain a deeper understanding of the world we leave in. To achieve this objective participants will work using the desing thinking approach and they will be introduced to an innovative interdisciplinary approach of science teaching which fosters the collaboration of science teachers of the same school unit under well-orchestrated interdiscioplinary space activities. During the course participants will also see examples of how their collaborations can set an example for their students and invite them to work together during activities, respect each other's unique personality and set the grounds for a healthy collaboration that respects diversity and promotes gender balance. 

Participating teachers will be invited to work in small groups and complete a set of space-related activities that follow an inquiry approach. Through this set of activities, participating teachers will also be introduced to the fundamental elements of inquiry and learn how they can incorporate them in their teaching style, gradually as a set of small meaningfull adaptations. During the sessions, teachers will be encouraged discuss ideas and exchange experiences.

The course will last for 6 days, consisting of 25 hours in total. The course includes mostly hands-on workshops accompanied by presentations and reflection sessions. 

Certain sessions of the summer school will be dedicated into analyzing the challenges the teachers will participate in and on building future collaboration between participants. Finally, special attention will be given to collecting feedback from participants through discussion and reflection activities.